Join An Internet Marketing Community

Anyone and everyone planning to start their own online business in internet marketing needs to join an internet marketing community first. Before jumping in blindfolded, find a place to go so when you hit the bottom of the pool and crack your head open, you do not give up! There are a whole lot of issues and irritations along the road to “millionaire internet marketer” that hurt like hell! Do not take them on alone or you will want to quit. Actually, you probably will quit. It is a sad fact, but starting a business is in the same league as exercise, giving up smoking or anything else that takes a bunch of motivation and energy. In the beginning there is a great deal of pain and what feels like very little reward. The results are minimal the first few weeks. The lack of instant success makes the prospects of starting a business lose its luster rapidly. There is a solution, join an internet marketing community.

After researching internet marketing communities, Internet Income University kept coming up and was highly recommended. Large forums are great, but there are so many members and so many strategies it is impossible to know where to step. Plus, the large forums are promoting magic bullet products faster than you can type bullet. Being new to the business myself I stick to my home base, which is Internet Income University. There are active members with quality advice, especially for the beginners. Not to mention, there are hours of free training videos available to all members.

Starting your own business, specifically and Internet marketing business can get lonely fast. Sometimes I feel like I am completely lost in cyberspace because I need to do something new that I don’t know anything about and I just need some help! With Internet Income University behind me, I know where to get help. It is reassuring and refreshing! Articles get rejected, links break themselves (I swear), sites seemingly disappear, and the list just goes on and on. It gets extremely frustrating. Having a community is a godsend. Without it, I may have thrown my computer out the window by now.

Join an internet marketing community and make some friends on the inside. With Internet Income University, I was able to join for free without any commitment whatsoever. There are two full weeks of solid training, plus several extra videos and PDFs for specific strategies and tools. Most of all, there is a great group of people doing the same thing, having the same problems and achieving the same goals. It is a great place to start, and stay!